TAUD Legislative Committee

This is a list of committee members that represent TAUD members. The committee meets during the year to determine needed actions to represent the best interest of utilities in the legislature.
Name Utility/Company E-mail Address
Nick Newman, Chairperson Memphis Light Gas Water Division [email protected]
Mike Adams Water Authority of Dickson County [email protected]
Charlie Anderson Bloomingdale Utility District [email protected]
Bo Butler Smith Seckman Reid [email protected]
Phillip Combs Alpha-Talbott Utility District [email protected]
Ralph Cooper Lobbyist
Bob Freudenthal TAUD [email protected]
Bruce Giles First UD of Knox [email protected]
Drexel Heidel West Knox Utility District [email protected]
Rick Kirby WK Dickson [email protected]
Larry Lewis TAUD [email protected]
Joe May Lobbyist
Jay Mullin Eastside Utility District [email protected]
Pat Riley Gibson County Utility District [email protected]
Don Scholes TAUD [email protected]
Freddie Weston West Wilson Utility District [email protected]

Email the Committee ([email protected])